Royals of exotic -

pole dance competition

Royals of Exotic is a low-threshold dancing competition dedicated to exotic pole dance style and brought to you by Rock the Pole. The competition will be held in two different divisions.


Participants are free to choose which division they wish to participate in but if the participant is a pole dance teacher or has previously competed in exotic competitions, he or she must choose the higher-level division. All contestants must be of legal age.


Esport Bristol

Mikonkatu 8,

00100 Helsinki

The performances will be recorded by the organizer and the recording of the competitor’s own performance will be sent to them by email. In addition, each participant will receive a written feedback from the jury. You can participate in the competition alone or in a group.  The three best-ranked contestants will be rewarded.


Crown heirs


The participants in the Crown Heir -division might not yet be seasoned performers or have experience in competitions. The contestant is a beginner with high-heels and the performance does not have to include technically challenging pole dance moves. The contestants can decide the style of their performance by themselves. Come and let your inner royalty rise onto the stage! 




The participants in the Sovereign -division are more experienced exotic royals. The contestants already have experience in performing and exotic competitions. The competitors are expected to perform more challenging exotic technique both on pole and in floorwork too. In this division the style is free, as long as we will see strong interpretation on the stage!


If you are unsure which division is for you, please send an e-mail to the organizer! (See the contact info below).



All participants must register and pay the competition fee of 39 € as instructed on this site. Only after the competition fee has been paid, will the participant’s place in in the competition be confirmed. If there is a pair or a group participating, sending only one registration is enough, but all of the group members must pay the competition fee.


Only the first 15 to sign up will be taken into both divisions. The registration for both divisions will start on 4.3.2019. In the case of the participant becoming ill or withdrawing for any other reason, the competition fee will not be returned.


Please note that minor changes to the schedule may occur when the final number of contestants is known.


FRIDAY 24.5.2019

19.00 Final rehersal

21.00 Opening of the competition

21.10 - 22.00 Crown heirs

22.00 - 22.10 Pause

22.10 - 23.00 Sovereigns

23.15 Award ceremony



In the assessment of the performances we will be paying attention to the purity of the exotic techniques, pole moves and transitions, flow and smooth lines, and the integrity of the choreography. Distinctive self-expression by dance and the use of imagination in the choice of music, make-up and costume will be taken into account in the review. 


Costumes & shoes


The participants can choose their costumes freely, and clothing may be removed during the performance but nudity is prohibited. The intimate areas must be covered throughout the performance Failure to comply with the rules will lead to disqualification.  The costume must be chosen so that it won’t scratch the pole or the stage. Every performer must have shoes suitable for pole dance. The shoes must be sturdy and stay on for the whole performance.



The use of props is allowed as long as it does not mess up or otherwise damage the floor surfaces. All props be notified to the organizing party upon registration




Grips aids can be used as long as they come off the pole easily and do not colour it.




There are two (2) Fitpole stages in the competition. The height of the stages is 3.2 m and the thickness 48 mm. Looking from the audience, the spin-pole is on the right, static on the left. If you would like to have both poles on spin or static for your performance or just use one pole, please inform the organizer by e-mail in time.


The size of the whole stage is approximately 3.3 x 14.5 meters.


DISCLAIMER & Recording


Each participant must sign a discharge form. In addition, all participants must sign a form for photography and video recording. The forms will be sent to the competitors by e-mail with other info in April 2019. The forms must be printed out signed, and brought to the Royals of Exotic event.




The maximum length of the song is 4:30 (four minutes and thirty seconds). There is no minimum length for the performances.

All music used in the performances must be in compliance with copyright rules, and good quality mp3 tracks must be purchased and sent to the organizer in advance in an electronic form. More information regarding this will be given later. The song may contain lyrics and it must be mixed to the correct length before sending it to the organizer.



A backstage, where you can prepare yourself, do your make-up and warm up, will be provided for the competitors. There will be a representative of the organizer to help, answer questions, and to look after the competitors in the backstage throughout the evening.

There is a room for audience at the venue, so invite all your friends and others close to you to encourage and cheer for you. Tickets for the public will be available for sale in April 2019. A Facebook event has been created for the event and is free to share



It is strictly forbidden to participate under the influence of intoxicants. It is also forbidden to compete with an injury. The competition organizers may disqualify the competitor on the day of the event if he or she appears to be intoxicated or injured. The competition fee will not be refunded.



  • March 4, 2019 Registration for Royals of Exotic opens

  • April 2019 info and forms sent to competitors *

  • April 2019 tickets for the audience come on sale *

  • 24.5.2019 Royals of Exotic contest

* The dates will be confirmed later and updated here.

Contact us on all competition related issues by e-mail:


Welcome to compete!

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